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About Us

About Us

Safe and Quality
Freight Transportation

Our company, which was founded in Antalya in 2002, continues to serve with more than 18 years of experience in the international land transport sector. We transport fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, frozen food, seedlings and reliable agricultural products to every point in Europe in a speedy and safe way from all over Turkey, especially from Antalya.

We carry out our whole transports with our own vehicles and with our drivers who have got experience of at least ten years. Our company is one of the leaders, trustworthy, dynamic and innovative companies in refrigerated transportation sector.

Trans Antalya is an environmentally friendly company that is aware of protecting the environment. Our vehicles have got green engine certificate. It behaves careful in the subject Green Logistic that takes into scope of the sector environment applications.

Our Vision

To be a company that cares customer satisfaction, environment-friendly, works in Team spirit and produces service in a high-quality standard accepted all over the world and being a most comfortable company showing the most sensibility for time management.

Our Mission

To be respectful and sensible against our social environment, to provide the speedy and reliable service for our customers.

CMR Insurance

All our transports are covered by CMR insurance and our vehicles have EURO5 and EURO6 norms. Our vehicles have a capacity of 83 m3 and we take every kind of care to deliver your cargo to the desired place in the fastest and safest way.